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Starting over

Starting this blog over. Again. I tried to transfer all my data from one web server to another but I didn’t do it right and it’s my fault. So here we are.

I’m currently working on a few projects. Right now, the most active is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer for PC called Manman. My friend and I are hard at work to get a first playable completed by the end of the year. Hopefully it will have enough content to be called a vertical slice, but it’s tough to say right now.

I’ve also recently posted a couple of items to the Unity asset store. One is a little script that I call the Sorting Hat. It’s an editor extension that allows you to easily parent and unparent objects to and from other objects. This script is not very useful unless you have a lot of objects in your scene that you need to reorganize – and then it’s extremely useful! It’s free so check it out if you’re curious.
Also, just yesterday, our second item went live and it’s called Anti-Mecanim 2D Sprite Animator. I had a hell of a time getting our sprite sheets to animate well with Unity’s new mecanim animation system. In the end, I decided that instead of writing animation logic and forcing it to line up with animator flowchart logic, I would just write my own animation system and have it bypass mecanim entirely. That way, I only have to figure out the logic once AND I can customize it however I’d like. I figured this might be useful to other people who are having trouble with mecanim, so I had my friend whip up a cool-looking (read: totally gross) sprite sheet for a well-animated, visually appealing (read: sticky and disgusting) character. He drew what he affectionately calls Mudman and he shambles around the level dripping with goo. See for yourself the yuckiness.

I also have, on the back-burner, a couple of other projects. One is another PC game called Dungeon Bot, and the other is a board game called IMBA. Dungeon Bot is a proof of concept that mashes together the combat systems of Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 13 (paradigm shifting with gambits). I’d love feedback on it, so give it a playthrough and leave me a comment or two. As far as IMBA goes, we’re more or less done with the mechanics and balancing, we just have some more art to finish. If you’d like to play a copy for a review, I have something to send you so get in touch with me.

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