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Play GravSplash! Give me feedback!

GravSplash_v0-1-0_PC – GravSplash_v0-1-0_Mac – GravSplash_v0-1-0_Linux Initial porting is complete! Now you can actually play this game that I’ve been talking about for months! It’s a multiplayer game that uses game controllers or the keyboard, but you will need at least one other person to play it. It’s for 2-4 players. Technically...
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Streaming Game Development

I tried streaming some game development today on my twitch account. It took me most of the night last night to get it set up, and now that it’s up and running, it’s pretty easy to just turn on and off. I didn’t advertise my stream anywhere, and...
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New Game: GravSplash

I’ve been working on a new game for the past few months. It’s an Android-based multiplayer demo. It’s going to be at CES tomorrow! If you’re there, you can check it out at the XPAL booth in Suite 610 and Suite 2050. And if you go and check it...
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