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Play GravSplash! Give me feedback!

GravSplash_v0-1-0_PC – GravSplash_v0-1-0_Mac – GravSplash_v0-1-0_Linux

Initial porting is complete! Now you can actually play this game that I’ve been talking about for months! It’s a multiplayer game that uses game controllers or the keyboard, but you will need at least one other person to play it. It’s for 2-4 players. Technically you can start a game by yourself, but it’s probably not going to be very fun. I mean, there will be no one to kill or shoot, or laugh at. But then again, you definitely won’t lose, so there’s that.

The port was from Android to PC starting and finishing in Unity. The Android version had two builds, a client and a server, and they would automatically connect over local WiFi. The game supports up to 5 devices this way (1 server, and 4 clients). The servers are only spectators, and can’t participate. But anyone with an Android phone can jump in and fight each other. The thing about GravSplash is that you can rotate your gravity so you’re walking on the walls, ceiling, or floor whenever you want. On the Android build, your screen rotates with you, so that your character doesn’t exactly look like he’s on the wall and it’s easier to see from the new vantage point. Each device that connects gets assigned a player ID, and a character; there’s no way to change or select characters.

In the new PC build, all those things I just mentioned are different. There’s only one build, and everyone plays on the same screen. It still supports up to 4 players (gamepads and/or keyboard), but the camera doesn’t rotate with you when you change your gravity direction. And I added a character select screen with a main menu that didn’t exist before.

So, in addition to stripping out all the networking code and player connectivity, I also had to make camera-relative controls and keep them intuitive. I didn’t want you to use left/right to move up/down a wall, or worse – use left/right to go right/left on the ceiling, which is backwards. Between those 3 tasks, that was most of the work. The player connectivity was the hardest to get right. I’ve never done a multiplayer game like this before, and when I coded it up the first time, I didn’t think about the fact that player 1 might be using a keyboard, while player 2 is using a gamepad. Additionally, player 2 might be using the gamepad that’s connected as player 1. One step further than that, player 3 might be using the gamepad that’s connected as player 4, leaving a gap in gamepads. Stripping the networking code took about a week. Then, getting the main menu and character select screens to work right, took a whole 3-day weekend. And after that, it took almost a week to get the player connectivity right.  With the other little things to clean up here and there, it was almost 3 weeks worth of work to port GravSplash from Android to PC. And since I’m working in Unity, that means it’s also available on Mac, and Linux (though, I haven’t tested either of these yet).

If you take the time to play it, please shoot me an email, tweet at me, send me a carrier pidgeon, etc., and let me know what you think.

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