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Streaming Game Development

I tried streaming some game development today on my twitch account. It took me most of the night last night to get it set up, and now that it’s up and running, it’s pretty easy to just turn on and off. I didn’t advertise my stream anywhere, and I think only one person saw my stream and only for like 30 seconds. But it’s a good experience.

I have 3 phases of working in a given day. The first is the semi-productive phase, during which I work a little and zone out a little. There’s a good portion of staring or web browsing or whatever else I can find to distract myself. The second phase is the non-productive phase, during which I am actively doing things other than game development. This is not a good phase. I’m not even thinking about the project to trying to solve problems. I’m usually playing Hearthstone or reading/writing on forums, or doing something that requires my full attention. And the 3rd phase is hyper-focused development, during which I can visualize the structure of my code and build off of it without thinking too hard. It’s the go-go-go phase, where I get the most done by far.

Streaming keeps me out of the non-productive phase, for sure. I have the feeling that you get when your boss is breathing down your neck and you don’t want to make a mistake or even misspell a word. But that also works against going into hyper-focused development, I think. I have to talk through my problems out loud which helps me stay focused on them and not space out, but talking through them is slower than thinking through them.

I’m going to try streaming again sometime soon, and hopefully with more gameplay. In case you’re interested in streaming development as well, here are the resources I used to set it up:

Open Brodcaster Software, for streaming video – https://obsproject.com/
TheZombieProfessor, for learning about streaming – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc5YsByz-X-z_ap2BS9irdVj-bfONzvzT



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