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By default, each line in each paradigm is set to Off. Check the On box to turn it on. Then, any of the 3 dropdowns (Target, Condition, Action) to configure your task. You can also configure multiple paradigms by clicking on the desired paradigm and changing its tasks. In battle, your character will try to perform the first task. If it can’t perform the first task, it moves on to the second task. If it can’t perform the second task, it doesn’t do anything. When you’re finished with your paradigms click Next.

Configure the order of directions that your character will check. It will first try to go in the first direction. If there is no door there (or if it’s already explored), your character will try to go to the next direction and so on. The Portal direction will look for an entrance or exit portal. When you’ve configured your directions, click Play.

While in-game, press 1, 2, or 3 to shift to that paradigm. Or you can click on the big numbered buttons.

Tip: Experiment with different conditions and actions, there are a couple of good combos. And keep your armor up so you don’t die so quickly!



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